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Bookkeeping Express is the leader in full service accounting and bookkeeping for small and medium-sized businesses.

Who is BKE?

We are a dedicated bookkeeping and accounting team that is committed to providing top-notch bookkeeping services to clients throughout the United States. Our Bookkeeping Express Team Center has allowed us to provide virtual services and explore integration among quality technology applications and business tools, as well as expand our offerings to the business community.

Our History

BKE began in 1984, aiming to help local bookkeeping firms adopt optimal methods and provide services to clients, leading to their expansion into franchising.

BKE embraced the cloud's potential to revolutionize bookkeeping, becoming an early adopter of cloud technology to provide 24/7 access and affordable pricing to clients.

BKE focused on using technology to assist clients, becoming a leading QBO adapter and early platinum XERO partner, while developing a scalable, top-tier client portal and workflow system that offered competitive pricing, analytics, and 24/7 bookkeeping access.

Our team consists of experienced Senior Accountants handling client-facing activities, dedicated bookkeepers managing transactions, and an administrative team aiding in data retrieval to finalize books.

With a primary focus on franchise clients that comprise over 75% of our clientele, BKE has developed a profound understanding of fanchisors' distinct needs and enhances value by utilizing franchisee analytics.

BKE's uniqueness stems from combining bookkeeping expertises, advanced technology, and efficient processes, allowing clients to focus on their business.

Our Values

BKE’s technology platform and skilled financial specialists remove the need for business owners to spend time on day-to-day accounting tasks – including accounting system setup, bank account reconciliation, monthly financial reporting, bill pay, payroll and much more.

By combining the best people and technology, BKE simplifies back-office operations for businesses nation-wide.

A few of our technology partners

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