The Role of Bookkeeping in Preparing for Franchise Audits and Inspections

In the world of franchising, maintaining accurate financial records and practicing sound bookkeeping is essential. Franchise audits and inspections play a pivotal role in ensuring compliance, uncovering discrepancies, and safeguarding the overall integrity of the franchise system. In this blog, we will highlight a few key focus areas that will help you prepare for franchise […]

Emerging Trends in Bookkeeping and Accounting Technology: What the Future Holds

As bookkeeping software continues to evolve, now augmented by the rapid growth of AI, the role of the professional bookkeeper is set to play an even more instrumental role in business operations. Whether outsourced or in-house, bookkeepers will be called upon to harness these technologies to bring richer insights, accuracy, and speed to financial reporting and decision-making processes

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Deadlines for 2023

Tax season is here, and that means it’s time to not only gather your documents and file your annual returns but also to plan for the coming tax year. If your only income sources are W-2 based, the annual deadline will be your main focus, but if you are self-employed or own a business, you face several other deadlines over the coming months.