How to Deduct the Cost of a Business Party

Parties and other events are a great way to engage and reward employees and customers, and it’s also an opportunity to find tax deductions. But the tax rules for such events are strict and require careful planning and navigation to ensure you can claim your deductions with confidence.

Read on how to deduct the cost of a business party while also being conscious of potential tax deductions.

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Small Business Tax Deduction Checklist – Part 2

The various taxes that small businesses have to pay out each year are significant, so it’s important to be aware of every opportunity the tax man gives you to reduce your bill. So be sure to consider whether any or all of the items in this checklist apply to your business and discuss them with your bookkeeper and accountant to ensure you are documenting and claiming every deduction available to you.

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Small Business Tax Deduction Checklist – Part 1

With tax season approaching, you will want to take advantage of any and all deductions legally available to you. And if you aren’t satisfied with this year’s write-offs, you’ll want to start looking ahead next year to ensure you are aware of and actively documenting everything you could be deducting.

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Six Simple Steps to Protect Yourself From Financial Fraud

Financial fraud is the number one consumer complaint in the United States, and it can have devastating consequences for victims.

But by being proactive and following some simple steps, you can make it much more difficult for criminals to steal your money or your identity. Read about implementing some measures to protect you!

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5 Tips to Drive Profitability with Financial Reporting

Good financial reporting can help a business track what is really important for profitability and guide good decision-making for the future. Many small businesses struggle to really take full advantage of their financial reporting.

Take a look at five tips that could make the difference in whether your financial reports tick boxes or truly help drive growth.

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