BKE works with accounting software you know and love, including QuickBooks and Xero. Now you can access your data anywhere, anytime.

Money-In / Revenue Reconciliation

You’re in business to make money, and accurate accounting for your revenue lets you know exactly how you’re doing.

BookKeeping Express (BKE) will provide you with a team of expert bookkeepers. We can set you up with the latest payment technology and help you achieve your revenue goals.

Make it easy to get paid

Whether you get paid by invoice, POS or mobile payment processor, the BKE team will ensure all your transactions are properly accounted for. We’ll set you up with cloud accounting software that accurately tracks the revenue collected through each payment method. We can also advise you on new payment and POS systems that work for your business – and your wallet!

Insight into your revenue, at all times

One of the challenges associated with accepting multiple payment methods is dealing with the different ways money shows up in your bank account (timing discrepancies, partial payments, etc.) The BKE bookkeeping team will reconcile your bank records to your accounting software weekly or monthly depending on your needs. You’ll always know which transactions have cleared and which ones are still pending. 

Online document management
You’ll never know when you’ll need a certain document again. Whether you’re applying for a loan or get audited, being able to easily find the right records can save you time and frustration. BKE will organize all your records and store them online, so they’re always accessible.
Regular reports highlighting your business performance

Accounting reports are needed to file taxes and apply for financing. They’re also full of insights into how well your business is performing. BKE will provide you an income statement, balance sheet and statement of cashflows every month so you can learn what you’re doing right and what can be improved.

Expense Management

When you run a business, you and your staff spend money and incur costs that need to be reimbursed and categorized correctly.

BookKeeping Express (BKE) uses a combination of expert bookkeepers and modern accounting software, mobile applications and expense management tools to handle your expenses. You’ll have the peace of mind that every expense is tracked, categorized and reported accurately.

No more paper receipts

Holding onto receipts has long been a pain for the average business owner. Receipts get lost or damaged and when tax time comes, it’s hard to remember why the purchase was made. Now, just take a picture of receipts on your phone and BKE will categorize the expense in your accounting software, store the receipt image online, and make sure everything ties back to your business bank account.

Tracking miles to a T

Travel costs are another expense category that has traditionally been a hassle to manage. Miles traveled must be properly tracked in order to create an accurate expense claim. As with receipt management, mobile apps have removed the difficulty of tracking mileage. Using GPS on your smartphone, BKE will help your staff automatically track and report the exact number of miles traveled and ensure the expense claim is processed and categorized correctly.

Online document management

Audits are rare but do happen. In case one occurs, it’s crucial to have access to all your historical business records. We’ll organize and store all your documents online so they’re out of your way but always within reach.

Regular reports highlighting your business performance

Accounting reports serve many purposes. They’re not only required to file taxes and apply for lending. They can also be used to teach you what you’re doing right and what can be improved. BKE’s bookkeeping team will provide you an income statement, balance sheet and statement of cashflows every month so you have a strong understanding of your business performance.

BKE can give you time back to focus on your business.

Bill Payment

Paying bills is a major part of managing your business. Your payables affect your day-to-day cashflow and your profitability.

BookKeeping Express (BKE) uses modern accounting software and online bill payment tools to track, record and report your payables.

All your bills get paid on time

Keeping track of who you owe money (and when it’s due) can be tough when you’re running a business. With BKE, you upload your bills, either by scanning the bill or taking a photo, and we’ll schedule them to be paid on time. All you have to do is log-in and approve the payments and we’ll do the rest.

Up to date financial insight, whenever you need it

The only way to know how much cash your business has on-hand is through regular bank reconciliation. When you’re a business owner, it’s easy to fall behind balancing your books. The BKE team reconciles your accounting records to your bank details weekly or monthly depending on your needs. You’ll always know which bills, expenses and even inbound revenue have cleared, giving you an up to date view of your business’s cashflow!

Online document management

It’s uncommon to get audited but you can prepare for the unexpected by having all your historical business records easily accessible. Your BKE team will keep all your documents neatly-organized online, so they’re not in your way but still within reach.

Regular reports highlighting your business performance
Your accounting reports shed light on what areas of your business are doing well and what can be improved. BKE will generate an income statement, balance sheet and statement of cashflow monthly and even walk-you through the major findings. Accounting reports not only detail everything impacting your business’s bottom line. They’ll also be needed when it comes time to file your taxes or apply for loans/other funding.

Let BKE keep your books up to date.

Payroll Services

The payroll process has lots of moving parts. You have to pay each one of your employees the right amount, at the right time and account for it all in your financial records.

BookKeeping Express (BKE) will make sure your payroll software is setup correctly with your accounting software and then reconcile each pay run with your bank account throughout the year.

People & technology

Our team of expert bookkeepers uses modern, online payroll and accounting software to manage your business’s finances. Your employees submit their timesheets online or through your POS, automatically updating your payroll software. After payday, all the relevant details are automatically imported into your online accounting software. All along, the BKE team is ensuring everything is properly accounted for.

Accurate financial records at all time

Reconciling on a regular basis ensures all your records are accurate and up-to-date. When it comes to payroll, both your payroll journal and general ledger need to be reconciled against your bank statement. The BKE team will reconcile all your business’s transactions on a regular basis. You’ll always know how much money you have on hand, so you can make informed decisions.

Online document management

It’s important to have access to all your historical business documents, in the rare event an audit occurs. BKE will keep all your documents well-organized online. No more storing boxes of paper or digging through filing cabinets.

Regular reports highlighting your business performance

Reviewing your accounting reports can help you identify your business’s strengths and weaknesses so you can make the best decisions possible. Every month, BKE will send you an income statement, balance sheet and statement of cashflows. You’ll always know exactly how your business is performing.


Xero is beautiful, easy-to-use accounting software. Xero is one of BKE’s preferred accounting software products for our clients.

Bank reconciliation

Since Xero is cloud-based, it connects with your bank account and automatically matches your transactions to your accounting records.

When you work with BKE, we’ll ensure the matches are correct. Our bookkeeping team performs bank reconciliation weekly so you always know how much money you have available.

Invoicing and quotes

Xero lets you customize the look of your invoices and quotes to match your business’s branding. And once the invoice or quote is sent, you can see when the recipient has last viewed it so you know when it’s time for a reminder.

Xero makes it easy for contractors and service providers to get their quotes accepted and invoices paid.

Cloud accounting

Xero is hosted in the cloud, meaning you can access it on any computer or mobile device that connects to the internet.

Using Xero, the BKE bookkeeping team is able to work more closely with our clients, regardless of where they’re located.


Accounting reports are a must when you’re applying for financing or filing your taxes. But they’re also a great way to understanding your business’s performance.

Xero comes with a number of reports built-in, as well the ability to create custom reports related your business.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks has long been the industry leader in accounting software. The QuickBooks Online product lives in the cloud so businesses and their bookkeeper can stay connected.

Connects to your entire business

Since it’s hosted in the cloud, QuickBooks Online syncs with your online bank account and other cloud software.

Instead of devoting time to tedious data entry, you can focus more on running your business. Your general ledger in QuickBooks Online is always accurate and current so you can have financial peace of mind.

Online invoicing and payments

With QuickBooks Online, you can format invoices to have the look and feel you want. You can also include your business’s logo and colors.

When your customer gets billed, they can pay you online, directly through the invoice. The funds are automatically deposited in your bank account and your accounting records are automatically updated.


Accounting reports come in handy for taxes, applying for financing and simply understanding how your business is doing.

With QuickBooks Online, you can generate Profit and Loss Statement (P&L), balance sheet and dozens of other reports with a single click. You can also customize reports to highlight information that’s important to your business.

Expense tracking

The most successful business owners know exactly how and why their money is spent.

When you work with BookKeeping Express (BKE), we’ll set you up with expense tracking software that connects with QuickBooks Online so your payables are always accurate and current.