A Payroll Guide for Restaurant Owners

A thriving restaurant operates like a finely-tuned machine. Each employee carries out their specific tasks to keep the entire operation moving forward at a steady pace. As a restaurant owner, you need to make sure you’re fully staffed so all the cogs in your machine keep moving. Depending on your restaurant, you might need to […]

6 Trends in Employee Management and Payroll

Extra time is a scarce resource when you’re a business owner. Managing all your day-to-day responsibilities keeps you plenty occupied, leaving little time to keep up with the latest developments in business management and technology. But it’s vital to think about the big picture and consider new ways to make your business run more efficiently. […]

The Difference Between 1099 Contractors and W-2 Employees

As bookkeepers, we often have clients ask us about the difference between a 1099 contractor and a W-2 employee.  It’s actually a pretty straightforward question to answer: Employees who you pay either hourly or by salary should receive a W-2, while an employee you pay based on a contract with a defined term should receive […]