Planning for 2021 – Addressing the Unknown

The coming year, much like 2020, is filled with uncertainty. Economic and community guidelines are ever-changing, and planning presents new challenges we haven’t seen before. Here at BKE, our goal is to help you plan through the multiple possibilities and prepare for the most successful business year possible. Over the next month, we are going […]

The Tax Implications Of Giving Gifts To Clients

Giving gifts is a great way to show your appreciation for special clients during the holidays. However, when it comes to giving business gifts, things can get complicated beyond figuring out what to buy someone. Business gifts are a tax-deductible expense but special rules do apply. The IRS states, “You can deduct no more than […]

Why You Should Clean-up Your Books At The End Of The Year

As the end of the year nears, every business must attend to their 2015 books one last time. Transactions need to be recorded, accounts must be reconciled and outstanding bills have to be settled once and for all. A clean set of books gives you an overview of how your business performed over the past […]