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Is basic bookkeeping really basic?

Managing the bookkeeping for your business – it doesn’t sound so bad at first, right? But when you dig deep into everything that goes into managing your business finances, it can be daunting. It turns out that bookkeeping is time consuming and complicated! Some have used the term tedious, and this For Dummies article “Basic […] More


Confused About Home Office Deductions?

See if you qualify for a home office tax deduction — and how easy it is to document and record the necessary information! Taking advantage of the home office tax deduction could potentially save you thousands of dollars on your tax return. There is even a new, simplified format for the home office tax deduction! […] More


BKE’s Keith Mueller Talks Employee Theft Prevention During the Holidays

It’s a fact that small to medium size business struggle with occupational fraud during the holidays. BookKeeping Express CEO Keith Mueller wrote “Preventing Holiday Season Employee Theft” in Small Business Opportunities. The article recommends that business owners safeguard their company during the holiday season and beyond with the following steps: Pre-employment background checks More than […] More


BookKeeping Express Releases a Bold New Logo

This excerpt from the press release announcing our new logo describes why we designed a new logo and how it represents us as a company moving forward. The new logo illustrates BKE’s new broader focus of providing time-saving financial services to the small business (SMB) community. It also symbolizes their integration of applications, offerings and […] More

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Deter the Inside Job: 5 Ways to Avert Employee Theft and Fraud

BookKeeping Express CEO Keith Mueller contributed the following article to Entrepreneur.com on the topic of deterring employee theft in small businesses. Whether it’s divulging a company’s intellectual property to another party, forging fraudulent checks  or stealing merchandise right off the shelves, employee theft and fraud are among the most serious threats to the success of businesses today. The 2014 […] More


Tips for Collecting on Invoices

Fox Business recently spoke with BKE’s Scott Rumley for tips on collecting on invoices: One of the worst things about running a business is getting delinquent customers to pay. For small business owners it’s made worse because unpaid bills can quickly spell a company’s demise. “During the first five years of the life of any […] More

BookKeeping Express Partners with Dogtopia to Boost Dog Daycare Franchise’s Bottom Line

TYSONS CORNER, Va. – BookKeeping Express has partnered with Dogtopia, a national dog daycare, spa and boarding franchise, to improve the organization’s financial well-being through its specialized Franchisor Express program. Leveraging its experience as a franchisor and its expertise in business accounting, BookKeeping Express will help Dogtopia solve an imperative piece of the operations puzzle. By combining technology and people, […] More


BookKeeping Express Expansion — California

We are happy to announce that BookKeeping Express has awarded Territory Development rights in Santa Clarita, CA to Cindy Schreiber   Congratulations on another BookKeeping Express franchise!   www.bookkeepingexpress.com - (703) 766-5757 - info@bookkeepingexpress.com   More

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Why Your Business Needs Bookkeeping

Bonnie Lee of Fox Business Small Business Center, spoke with BookKeeping Express Founder and Chairman Greg Jones recently about why businesses need bookkeeping. She specifically cited that tax preparation is a key reason to keep a clean set of business books throughout the year. Read more tax tips and bookkeeping know-how from this great article, […] More