The Importance of Accounts Receivable Analysis

Accounts receivable and cash flow are intimately intertwined. For many businesses, accounts receivable are the primary source of cash flow, so it is critically important that they are managed rigorously and proactively.

Fixed, Variable and Semi-Variable Costs Explained

Cost accounting or “costing” is a key tool to achieve those goals and many more. Detailed, accurate costing can provide valuable insights, but many business owners struggle to account for their costs or don’t fully understand the numbers their accountants or bookkeepers present to them in costing reports.

The Ever-Increasing Benefits of Finance Process Outsourcing

When you outsource a non-core aspect of your business like your financial processes, you free up time, energy, and resources to focus on what really matters: your business’ profitability and growth. A proven, reliable financial process outsourcer can take a variety of tasks off your plate and probably do them better at the same time. Let an outsourcer’s employees do what they do best, and free yourself and your employees to focus on building a great business.