Helping Business Owners Simplify Their Back Office

BookKeeping Express (BKE) Announces Partnership with MSP Consulting.


BKE is proud to announce a new business relationship with MSP Consulting, an experienced advisor specializing in high-performance merchant payment service.

“We’re always looking for ways to help our clients save money and time so they can focus on running a successful business. Our partnership with MSP Consulting reflects BKE’s dedication to helping business owners simplify their back office,” said BKE CEO Keith Mueller.  

Both BKE and MSP offer their clients industry-specific knowledge and advice in their respective categories, helping businesses lower costs and identify growth opportunities.

“Having access to time and money-saving tools and technology is really important for small business owners who are trying to do more with less,” said Mueller.

BKE was founded in California in 1984 to provide professional bookkeeping designed specifically for the needs and budgets of small businesses. Now serving clients across the nation, BKE’s innovative technology platform and skilled financial specialists remove the need for business owners to spend time on day-to-day bookkeeping tasks­­.

In 2003, MSP Consulting began offering high-performance merchant payments services with the mission of helping clients adapt to the changing payments landscape and innovate. MSP Consulting has more than 65 years of combined expertise in management consulting, payment systems technology, credit card processing, mobile payments and accounting.

“MSP and BKE are both dedicated to helping small businesses succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape. Our solutions similarly help business owners operate in a more cost effective and efficient manner so they can focus on meeting and exceeding their own customers’ needs,” said MSP Consulting Partner Mike Higgins.

Learn more about the MSP and BKE partnership.