How To Keep Employees Motivated During The Holidays

The holiday season is now upon us and so too is the busy season for many businesses. If you’re a business owner, there’s a good chance you’re gearing up for a couple long, hectic months. However, it’s good to keep in the mind that your employees likely have a lot going on outside of work during the holidays. They might be preparing to travel, host family and friends or attend the many social events that come up this time of year – in addition to working hard during the busy stretch at their job.

In order to get through this busy time of year, you’re going to need to get the most out of your staff. Here are a few simple gestures that can help keep them motivated this holiday season.

Give each staff member a gift

It’s the giving season so giving each staff member a gift can be a great way to show your appreciation for their work. Just be sure you have the budget and expense for the purchase properly. Providing your bookkeeper with the details of the purchase will help them properly expense it and prevent them from having to come to you and ask what was bought. If you choose to give a cash gift, you will want to make sure that you share those details with your bookkeeper as well (i.e. if it was your personal cash, you will want to get credit for the investment into the business).

Be flexible with time-off

You’re going to need all hands on deck but there will be situations when employees need time off. Sometimes a person will need to to leave early for a holiday gathering, other times they’ll need a few days off to travel.

Do your best to be accommodate these requests within reason. Having the right HR and payroll tools makes it easy for you to manage time-off requests and schedule staff members accordingly.

Throw an office party

A company-sponsored party is a great way for your staff to enjoy the holidays together. It can boost morale and let your team interact with each other in a friendly setting.

Like holiday gifts, it’s important to properly budget and expense your party. Again, notifying your bookkeeper of any purchases will prevent them from having to follow up and will also help them expense it correctly.

Be optimistic about next year

People naturally have optimistic thoughts about the coming new year. We see the fresh start as an opportunity to set goals toward self-improvement.

Share your business goals and plans for 2016 with your staff so they can feel optimistic about their work too. They’re likely setting resolutions about their career and knowing where the company is heading can help motivate them going into the new year.