Why 2016 at BKE Was One For the Books

By Keith Mueller, CEO

By Keith Mueller, CEO

Here at BKE, we’ve had a lot of reasons to cheers and high-five each other over the past year. Running hot with the momentum we’ve built from an incredible year in 2015, we set the bar even higher for 2016 in hopes of making it the best year yet.

Looking back on an eventful year at BKE:

  • Managed Over $200 Million of Client Revenues
    BKE is only successful when our clients thrive. In 2016, we managed over $200 Million of combined revenue for our clients. We understand that serving our clients goes beyond the day-to-day tasks of bookkeeping. It’s about listening to what our clients want and need and responding through strategic planning and proactive reporting to ensure our clients meet their own business goals.

  • Saved Our Clients Over 50,000 Hours
    Time is one of the most precious resources we have. To save our clients over 50,000 hours of time that they would’ve otherwise had to spend on bookkeeping tasks meant that we were able to give our clients a meaningful part of their lives back.

  • Saw Unprecedented Growth of Our Client Base
    Our clients have always been the backbone of this company. We are much more than quality bookkeeping services, and have made it our mission to provide the best experience for clients across a multitude of industries. We’re grateful for the relationships we’ve built and partnerships we’ve created, and thank each and every one of our clients for being a part of the journey.

  • Achieved Operational Targets
    We are proud to have a world-class ratio of bookkeeper to client, which means we’re always looking to provide as much value to our clients as possible without increasing costs. We believe that a personalized approach is best for helping our clients grow their businesses, and that’s why we’ve continued to build our team of industry specialists.

  • Doubled New Franchisor/Franchisee Relationships
    The focus we’ve directed at developing solutions for our multi-business, franchisor/franchisee relationships has proven to be as worthwhile for our clients as it has been for us.

  • Developed Technology Solution
    2016 was a huge year for BKE in terms of where we’re headed. Our SF office has been hard at work building out a new technology platform to improve the overall experience and quality of service for our clients. Everything we do, we do with our clients in mind. Stay tuned for more exciting news on BKE’s new features and services!

  • Opened New Denver Office
    Another year, another new office! With the growth we’ve been seeing for BKE, we launched a new office in Denver to focus on executing our  growth strategy. In fact, we’ve hired 20 new team members across the country to expand on our outstanding talent pool in Engineering, Sales, and Marketing.

What a phenomenal year at BKE. We are extremely grateful for every single win we’ve been able to celebrate, and look forward to another terrific year together.