Why Businesses Should Adopt Cloud Software

For a long time, common business responsibilities like bookkeeping, payroll, paying bills, and generating invoices, centered around the desktop computer. It held the business’s back-office software and data, so business owners would spend a lot of time working on it.

But we live in the internet age now and desktop software has become much less prevalent. It’s rapidly being replaced by cloud software, which is accessible through any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. If you’re a business owner, you no longer need to lock yourself in your office on a regular basis to pay bills or review sales data. You can instead take care of these responsibilities whenever it’s convenient for you, using the cloud.

What exactly is the cloud and what does it mean for business owners?

The “cloud” is just a trendy word for remote servers that are accessible through the internet. Chances are you already use it all the time, even if you’re not aware of it. Email, online banking, iTunes, and document storage like Google Docs and Dropbox are a few examples of cloud technology most people use everyday.

Business software like accounting, payroll, inventory, invoicing, point-of-sale, and more are moving from the desktop to the cloud. Invoices can now be sent from a job site and bank reconciliation can be done on a mobile phone. And cloud business software offers even more advantages, including:


One of the best features of cloud software is separate systems can connect and automatically share data. For example, when a purchase happens in a retail business, the point-of-sale system can update the inventory system and send the transaction details to the accounting software. This removes the need for data entry, which saves times and reduces the potential for human error.


Cloud software isn’t just accessible to you, the business owner. It can also be accessed by other people involved in your business. Your employees can enter their hours and request time-off by accessing your business’s payroll system. Your customers can pay invoices online so you receive payment instantly. And your accountant and bookkeeper can log in to your accounting software without needing to make a visit to your office.

Easy to maintain

Cloud software companies are able to update their software with little to no hassle to the end user. They can add new features or roll out complete updates and it’s all there the next time you log in. You never have to download updates or install a newer version of the software.

Lower long-term costs

Cloud software is usually sold as a monthly-subscription. If you determine you don’t like the software, all you have to do is cancel. And since updates happen automatically, you don’t have to purchase new versions every few years.

At BookKeeping Express (BKE), we serve clients nationwide using cloud software. Our financial specialists can advise you on the best solutions available to your business and provide setup and training. Visit our features page to learn more.