A Technology Guide for Gyms and Fitness Businesses

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Using the right technology in your gym or fitness business can be a difference maker. You can save time, reduce errors, and uncover insights by having helpful software and other solutions at your disposal. But perhaps even more importantly, you can use technology to provide your members with a great experience and encourage new ones to sign up.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the different technology gym and fitness businesses should use. However, before we start, it’s important to note that we recommend businesses take full advantage of cloud technology. Different cloud-based systems are able to sync and share data, automating many back office processes business owners struggle to find time for. With that said, let’s get into our technology guide for gyms and fitness businesses.

Gym management software

You can use the right technology to keep track of all your members. And your members can use it to get the most out of your services. The following tools can help:

  • Membership tracking/billing software – It’s crucial to keep track of all your members and bill each one for the correct plan, on the right day. You need a solution that can store the necessary information for all your members and automatically charge their credit or debit card for the correct billing cycle.

  • Building access cards – People like to exercise when it’s convenient for them. That could be in the middle of the night, at the break of dawn, or other times when your gym isn’t staffed. You can allow your members to enter your gym 24/7 by providing everyone their own building access card.

  • Booking and scheduling software – If you offer group classes or personal training appointments, you can manage signups using scheduling software. A favorable solution will connect with your website so members can view your class schedule and sign up online.

  • Inventory software – If you sell any products, you can manage your stock with inventory software.

Financial management software

Staying on top of finances is a crucial part of running any business. The following technology can help you with all your financial responsibilities so you always have insight into your cashflow:

  • Accounting software – Every business needs to keep a general ledger that has all their transactions accurately organized and recorded. You can use cloud accounting software to keep strong financial records.

  • Merchant processor – You can easily accept credit and debit cards for on-the-spot purchases using a merchant processor.

  • Point of sale (POS) – You can charge members for specific services/products, and compile detailed sales records, using a POS system.

  • Payroll software – Paying your staff and keeping track of each employee’s hours, benefits, and withholdings can be accomplished using cloud payroll software.

  • Bill payment software – Keep track of all your bills and ensure they’re paid on time using bill payment software.

  • Receipt app – If you incur expenses outside of your gym, you can use a mobile app to snap a photo of the receipt so it’s instantly uploaded to your records.

  • Cloud document storage – Simplify your recordkeeping by storing digital versions of all your documents in the cloud.

Marketing technology

Marketing has drastically changed in a short time. Now small businesses can compete with major brands using the right methods. Here are a few tools you can use to reach a mass of potential members:

  • Website – The majority of potential members will look at your website before they visit in person. That gives you the opportunity to highlight your gym or fitness business’s best features so prospects will feel compelled to become a member.

  • Social media – Many businesses know they should be on social media but struggle to figure out what to share. Gyms and fitness businesses can share photos, videos, and other content that can motivate people to get up and exercise.

  • Email marketing software – Email is a great channel for staying in touch with members and prospects. You can capture email addresses on your website and during the sign-up process and send out special offers and regular email updates.

Interactive fitness equipment

The rapid advancement in technology has even changed the way people exercise. Your members can now set fitness goals and track their progress using the internet, mobile apps, and wearable technology. Additionally, many gyms now have smart TVs with webcams that allow members to order on-demand fitness classes and get feedback on their effort and form. You can explore new products and equipment to add to your gym that give members an interactive experience.

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