A Technology Guide for Restaurants

If you own a restaurant, you know firsthand how much there is to manage. With the right technology, you can efficiently handle all your different responsibilities and deliver your customers an amazing dining experience.

In this blog post, we’ll list the different software, mobile apps, and other technology that most restaurants can benefit from. Before we start, it’s important to note that we recommend businesses use cloud technology because different systems are able to connect and share data, automating many back office processes. Now let’s start exploring the technology restaurant businesses should take advantage of:

Restaurant management technology and software

Using the right technology in your restaurant can drastically increase efficiency. The following solutions can help you and your staff operate seamlessly:

  • Reservation software – Properly managing your reservations and seating is a crucial part of giving your customers a positive dining experience. Using reservation software, you can manage the reservations on the books and plan out seating during service. An ideal solution will also link with your website so your customers can schedule a reservation online.

  • Point of sale (POS) – Your staff can use a POS system to accurately take orders for each table/party. The system can be used to send orders to the kitchen and bar and to accept payment.

  • Inventory software – Restaurants use a lot of ingredients and other materials. Inventory software can be used to track what you have on hand and send orders to your vendors. You can learn more about managing your restaurant’s inventory in this blog post.

  • 3rd-party delivery services – It’s not practical for every restaurant to offer delivery. However, you can now partner with delivery services that will pick up orders from your restaurant and take them to customers for you.

  • Online ordering – If your restaurant offers take-out, you should provide the option for your customers to order online through your website.

  • Digital ordering at the table – One of the newer developments in restaurant technology is digital ordering at the table. Your customers can select items from a tablet or similar device and send their orders directly to the kitchen.

Financial management software

The success of your restaurant depends heavily on strong financial management and recordkeeping. You can use to following technology to stay on top of your restaurant’s finances:

  • Accounting software – Every business must maintain a general ledger that has all its transactions recorded and organized. You can use cloud accounting software to keep accurate financial records.

  • Payroll software – Your employees can enter their hours and gratuities into your payroll system so you can efficiently process payroll. You can learn more about accounting for tips in your restaurant in this blog post.

  • Online banking – You can see how much money you restaurant has available at any given time using online banking. It can also connect with your cloud accounting software so your general ledger is always current.

  • Mileage app – The cost of driving in the course of running a business is often tax deductible. You and your staff can track mileage using a mobile app. You can learn more about the mileage deduction in this blog post.

  • Receipt app – If you make purchases for your restaurant while on the go, you can snap a photo of the receipt using a mobile app so the details are instantly recorded in your financial records.

  • Bill payment software – Properly managing payables helps maintain a healthy cashflow. You can use bill payment software to monitor due dates and pay bills at the right time. You can learn more about common restaurant expenses in this blog post.

  • Sale and use tax reporting – Tracking, reporting, and paying sales taxes accurately and on time is an essential part of running any business. You can use sales tax software to manage your tax responsibilities.

  • Cloud document storage – Filing cabinets should be replaced by online document storage. You can digitally store your documents so they’re out of the way but still easily accessible.

Marketing technology

A solid marketing strategy can keep your restaurant busy. The following solutions can help you spread the word:

  • Website – You can introduce potential diners to your restaurant with a modern website. You can also accept reservations and take orders online, which helps provide a positive overall customer experience.

  • Social media – Every business should participate in social media. Restaurants particularly have plenty of excellent content that can be shared with social media foodies.

  • Email marketing software – Email is a great channel for staying in touch with your customers. You can send offers and other messages that can motivate people to come back for another meal.

  • Online reviews/local restaurant directories – Many people consult online reviews and directories when selecting a restaurant. You should have a complete profile on these sites and encourage your happy customers to leave a positive review.

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