BookKeeping Express Keeps Veterans in Mind

RIVERVIEW — After decades of working in business management and analysis in the military and in the corporate world, Dom Cirello knows a strong business opportunity.
So when he had a chance to own a franchise BookKeeping Express, a national company that offers bookkeeping and CPA services for medium and small businesses, he jumped at it in the hopes of helping himself and fellow veterans.

His BookKeeping Express operation, which he’s running out of his Riverview home, opened last week.

Cirello was an Air Force captain, and hopes to build his business by hiring veterans who are disabled, or spouses who care for disabled veterans.

Time restraints and physical limitations might make it difficult for such people to work in an office, but BookKeeping Express is largely Web-based, so employees can easily work from their homes.

There are plenty of bookkeepers and accountants out there that companies can hire, or they can outsource services to a variety of small accounting firms.

But Cirello said BookKeeping Express has advantages. For one thing, client companies can get immediate service, even on occasions when the bookkeeper they usually work with is unavailable.

“We have a team center that at the moment is located in Newport News, Va.,” Cirello said. “So there’s always a bookkeeper and an accountant available. You never have to worry about your accountant being sick or being on vacation.”

BookKeeping Express clients have access to their records at all times through a secure website.

In addition, he said, BookKeeping Express maintains analytical information on different types of businesses, so clients can get up-to-date information on how they’re performing in comparison to similar companies.

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