IRS Changes Demand Better Bookkeeping

In 2011 the IRS began requesting electronic accounting records when performing audits.  By requesting these documents the IRS has made it even more important that Small Business maintain accurate Quickbooks and Peachtree files throughout the year.
Maintaining clean books throughout the year will help many business owners save face in the case of an IRS audit.  In the past many owners took an out of sight out of mind approach to their bookkeeping practices and often scrambled when an audit came up.

BookKeeping Express works as your back office to help you become a better Business Owner!  We work with our clients throughout the year and not just tax season.  BKE documents all errors, voids, or restated transactions and can clearly explain each. With BKE there is a clear bookkeeping process in place, should you be audited you have a team of well-trained bookkeepers to explain all records and processes to the auditing agent.

For more information on how BookKeeping Express can help you and your small business, contact your local office today.