How Standardized Dashboards Promote Coaching Within Your Franchise

The ideal candidate to run a franchise location doesn’t necessarily have to obtain a strong financial acumen. We often see franchise advertisements focused on a strong sales, industry and management experience. However, the heart of soul of any profitable business still remains to be the financials. Our mission is to provide franchise organizations with easy, standardized and up to date financials within an accessible and affordable platform.

Within this blog we are going to show you exactly how coaching from dashboards, with standardized data, can benefit your concept. Let’s delve into the current challenges we hear from franchises across all industries:

  • Franchise owners are not submitting their Income Statements.

  • Franchises coaches more spend time ironing out the reports than they do analyzing

  • Our coaches are spread too thin

  • The KPI’s vary between franchises and location maturity

One, if not all of these challenges probably apply to your franchise, and you’re not alone. 90% of all the partners we support have the same problems.

Here’s how we solve those barriers to better coaching:

  • The ability to filter per location or multiple locations

  • Month over month and year over year performance comparisons

  • Clients, Standard and Summary Income Statement Views

  • The ability to have all locations mapped to a Standard COA

  • The ability to filter for Time in Business

  • And bookkeeping and communication status by client

Now let’s talk about how you can use all of these tools and resources to foster success and increase revenue.

With the standardization franchise coaches can coach from the data provided rather than fix and standardize the data. This streamlines their time and enables them to educate through comparable conversations. Franchisors can also use accurate analytics when planning, by looking at “apple to apple” comparisons based on geographic location and time in business.

You will also get the benefit of having direct visibility into your franchises’ expense management and the ability to target early indicators of a struggling business. We know the power of BKE insight, but don’t take our word for it. See the difference the insight dashboard can make to your bottom line, for yourself.

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