Hubdoc Names BKE CEO Keith Mueller a Top 50 Cloud Accountant of 2015

Our friends at Hubdoc recently released their “Top 50 Cloud Accountants of 2015 (North America)” and we’re proud to see BookKeeping Express (BKE) CEO Keith Mueller made the list. Here’s the nice comment Hubdoc had to share about Keith and the BKE team.

“Keith knows first hand the pain businesses face to get their books in order from his many years at Accenture. And, as one of the largest cloud bookkeeping practices in the U.S., Keith and his team are clearly succeeding at solving that pain point. Keep rocking it Keith!”

We definitely plan to keep rocking it in 2016 and beyond. The cloud has improved how bookkeepers and business owners work together and we’re pleased to be part of the change. Using tools like Hubdoc, the bookkeeping team at BKE is able to spend less time on data entry and work more closely with our clients, regardless of where they’re located.

Big thanks to Hubdoc for including us on their Top 50 Cloud Accountants of 2015 list. Keep rocking it too, Hubdoc!